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12-30-2023: HAPPY NEW YEARNew BLOG Post, Please Read.


04-09-2023: HAPPY SPRING! New BLOG post! 

11-18-2022: HOT OFF THE PRESS – MBS Chapter 33 is FINALLY done!

-You know the drill. You can READ IT HERE or find on the downloads section! New with the All Chapters .docx and .pdf is a table of contents with clickable (CTRL-click) links to take you to each chapter easily!


03-20-2022: Polls have moved. In  the main menu as MBS Polls.
The ‘how old are you’ poll got corrupted. Please vote on it again.  Thanks. 

03-15-2022: NEW BLOG POST – Read It HERE

03-14-2022: READ ONLINE is here!

You asked, I deliver: You can now read the entire story, on this site, without having to download any file. For this to work, I needed one big master document. To keep things consistent, that means I went through Chapters 1-32 and made format and grammar fixes so the story “flows” easier in the “online e-book” version. It has been fun re-reading this story I began 15 years ago!  Some chapters really amaze me. Like “dang, I wrote that?!” Finally, yes, I am working on chapter 33. It’s coming along! Blog post coming soon, as I also made up a playlist featuring music I’d envision as the “soundtrack” to MBS.  

NOTE: Chapters 1-32 have all been revised. Mostly minor grammar and formatting fixes, but if you were thinking of re-reading MBS, now’s the time! On the downloads section, I now only offer ALL CHAPTERS Word and PDF files. 

11-5-2021: Blog POST: MBS Discord! Click Here for Details

09-12-2021: New MBS Blog Post: Movin’ On Up!

09-01-2021: This is NOT a joke! MBS Chapter 32 is HERE!

Happy September! No fooling here, for realz! After 2 years and 9 months and what seems like an eternity, MBS Chapter 32 is published. There are still some things about 32 that I’m not 100% happy with, but you’ve all waited long enough so I’m just posting it. The usual .docx and master 1-32 PDF files are at the mbs-chapters page! 

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253 thoughts on “News/Updates

  1. Any updates? It’s been a while since you said you would have a blog post up soon. Hope everything is going well.

  2. Can you tell us when the next chapter be out don’t mean to be a bother just want to know.

  3. Hey Shattered, could we get a quick update? I hate being that guy, but it’s been a hot minute since we’ve heard anything. Also, the new spam filter is a little rough around the edges. I had to get a whole new browser just to comment.

  4. Hey Shattered, I hate being this guy, and I understand that you’ve been busy, but could we get a quick update? It seems like everything’s been quiet recently and I’m eager to find out what happens next.

    1. Understood. I apologize for the super long wait. I’ll get a blog post up soon with a sneak peak or two. 🙂

    2. As for the spam filter being super strict – you can thank those that keep trying to mess with me for that. I can’t lesson the security here, at least not yet, just too risky.

      1. Fair enough, thanks for the update. Have you tried IP banning him or hardware banning? I remember you saying he uses the same IP for everything.

        1. Yes, his IP has been banned – but I’m still remaining vigilant for now. For some reason your comments keep getting flagged as spam. I’m guessing it doesn’t like “proton.me” emails. Unfortunately, a lot of spammers use that, too. I’ll try to whitelist you.

          1. Thanks for the whitelist lol, I can see why spammers use proton addresses. They’re way harder to trace than the big guys because of the encryption level.

          2. Yeah, proton mail is super encrypted. It tends to have issues with certain services for whatever reason.

  5. The troll didnt make you give up did they? Its just been a while since we last got an update and im afraid that they killed your passion for writing.

    1. No, I haven’t given up. Just a -really- busy time for me in my work life. But believe it or not, I have been working on ch. 34. I’m really hoping to have a new release for Xmas. As for the trolls and haxors, F*** them, I won’t let them “win”.

  6. Yes, I’ve been adding this jerk to the blacklist and will continue to keep a close eye on it. Please do not let this ONE loser scare you away. It’s being dealt with.

  7. Can you please update your spam / malware filter?

    This can’t be the intention.

    1. I’m working on it.

      Here’s what I know so far. This a-hole who is spamming here is the same guy that calls himself “RCBrandonFan (“DL conservative”) and now “secret messenger” and “amrl”. The same moron who went and made an MBS subreddit. DON’T join that group, btw. He’s using it to try and “doxx” you. I’m working on getting it shut down. The same moron who thinks he’s so smart, but uses the same IP address whenever he’s making new accounts to troll with. What a loser. Go back to trolling on FB and Twitter, you maga clown.

  8. Someone who scared the hell out of Emily; about a 1000 something miles away from her home?

    Who would / could that be?

    1. Everyone has a secret fear, even those who appear to be “tough” on the outside. What I leave up to you, the reader in this scenario is whether or not that “person” she saw was real or a spirit.

    2. Chapter 33 was great can’t wait for chapter 34 keep up the good work and hope you can get chapter 34 out soon but no rush.

  9. I can’t wait for the new chapter, it’s seems like forever, but I know it’ll be worth the wait

    1. POOF, Chapter 33 is here. In the Read Online and Downloads sections! Enjoy. Sorry it took 14 months this time. 🙁

    1. Writing is a hobby for most of us. I’m not trying to be rude but writing good stories with lengthy chapters is far more difficult than it sounds. Chapter 33 is coming, I know Shattered has not given up. Just trust that time isn’t always friendly and creativity and spark doesn’t always come when it is convenient. If you read this Shattered, Thanks for your dedication to this story and taking the time to create something worth reading.

      1. Thanks Jasper for your support and understanding.

        Still, I am a bit mad at myself for again taking so long to get another chapter out. I said a year ago I won’t post any more excuses, so I won’t. But I do want to ensure you all that I indeed have NOT given up. “Good things come to those who wait.”

        1. Don’t mean to bother you just want to know if you any close to getting chapter 34 out just asking thank you.

          1. I can say I’m making progress but I can’t say when it’ll be done. Hopefully before summer is over. 🙂

    1. LOL, hey I understand. So yeah, I posted Ch. 32 on Sept 1, 2021. It’s been more than 6 months and I’m once again not very proud of that. Not going to make excuses as I’m sure you’re all sick of that. Just going to say I -am- working on 33 and I hope to get it out before summer is over. How’s that?

  10. Hi. I just wanted to say I am happy to see that Ch. 32 is finally out. I have read it and I quite enjoyed it, just like the rest of the chapters. I hope to see more soon, although I understand life does happen. It’s just funny to think that over the course of these 3 years, I finally have learned to embrace my ABDL side in private and am now finally accepting myself as a transgender girl, currently being my true self at college. Amazing how times flies and things change so much.

    1. Also, now I am trying to figure out how on earth it got my pfp from other websites.

      1. Thanks for your kind words, much appreciated. I love reading such comments, it helps give me the motivation to keep going. As for your PFP showing up here — it could be Google passing along your gmail avatar, if you have one. I’ve noticed if I “sign in with Google” (or even provide my gmail email address in a comment section such as this one), Google will pass along your pfp/avatar. I wonder if you dig in your Google privacy settings if that can be turned off. I’ve never really looked that far…

          1. I made one a few years ago, no one used it and I really don’t “get” Discord at all or how it works. I mean I tried but I guess I’m just not cool enough? Is there a way I can make a “room” there and appoint moderators? Cause I don’t have the time to babysit it all day. Help me out. email me sd79 AT sddr.us (replace AT with the usual @ sign).

  11. Chapter 32 was one of the best yet! It adds a lot to explain in the upcoming chapters though. (I won’t put any spoilers in for those who haven’t read it yet)

    1. Thanks. And that’s the point… I have much more to write. Will try not to make the next chapter take 3 years 🙂

      1. great chapter hope moree to come soon i know things are rough with all that is going on right now stay safe and stay well

  12. Hey, thanks for the info on the domain change! I would probably be worried about security issues if you hadn’t said something. Again, thanks for the info!

  13. Hi Shattered, Big Fan of MBS 🙂 I was wondering if maybe you would allow me the permission to write a spin off of one or more of the characters from it. I have 2 ideas, 1 with Kelly and another with Cori. But I wanna respect your work

  14. I really hope you are doing well SD! Would love a new chapter soon, but understand the delay. Really looking forward to hearing about the crew’s upcoming day where Maddie has committed to using her diaper for everything!

    1. I’m surviving what has been a very difficult year. There’s been a few “ups”; and now that we have a new administration in the WH, I have some hope for better things to come. All the politics I will discuss here. But back on topic, believe it or not I am still writing and want to be posting new stuff SOON. Hang in there, please.

      1. I’m thrilled to hear you are surviving! This past year has truly sucked beyond belief. I’m very happy to hear your still writing! I love this story and like everyone else am excited to see what happens next! I pray things go better for you this year and that you continue to write. You have a definite talent for it. Keep believing and keep writing!

      2. sorry, how its going the book, you are in the half? or less? or more? I love this storie, please keep writing :3

  15. Hey Shatterd,

    I am just wondering, the site seems to have gone dark. How’s chapter 32 coming? I am not asking for it now, I just want an update. I’ve read and reread many time and I have to say, I am impresed. It is very impressive work and I check the site every day in hopes for the next chapter.

    1. I’m sorry about this. The lights are on, just dim lit. I’m not giving up, I really am trying to find motivation during these dark times. Thanks for being patient.

  16. CH 30

    “She is sitting in the lobby area having a snack with Britney and Madison, who can’t help but notice Madison acting a little childish; tugging at her diaper and making funny faces.”

    Must be a typo somewhere 😉

    1. It’s coming – slowly but surely. I think about it every day, either while laying in bed or daydreaming during lunch break at work. I wish I could take my thoughts and have them magically translated into several chapters… wouldn’t that be sweet. I also wish I could clone myself; my clone goes to work everyday and saves the world there while the real me stays home and writes. Damn I wish I was smart enough to figure that one out. :p

  17. You’ve switched a few times with names, such as chapter 3 “Miranda”, chapter 6 Alyssa instead of Madison and chapter 10 “Cindy” whether later in the story is it Carol.

  18. I’m so happy to hear chapter 32 is coming! I found this story and read all 31 chapters in 2 nights. I’m loving it!

    1. If you have given up on this don’t worry it’s fine everything comes to an end maybe just finish the chapter to end the story somehow.
      I really respect you and hope your well more than anything if you need some help finishing I might be able to help and you can email me

      1. I haven’t given up. 32 will be done soon and I still have more ideas and things I want to do. Just real life gets in the way sometimes. I’m sorry… I’m only 1 person; and many want things from me all at once.

  19. I hope that you are safe and healthy as is your family and friends, Shattered.

    We would all like to see another chapter soon, but understand you are busy. It would bring a lot of joy to us right now in this dark time.

  20. YAY!!!! What a great tease for Chapter 31! I am so excited and hope it gets done soon.

    Maddie really seems to be regressing and open to messing her diapers. Will be an interesting dynamic. Also, will Emily be messing her Pampers at the museum and will Megan end up in diapers instead of pull-ups?

    Lots of great storylines to watch.

    1. Thanks. You mean chapter 32. 🙂

      Lots of fun and interesting things will go on. I wrote a good chunk last night. Almost done!

      1. Sorry but I’m going to say no to this. While I have included some mild scenes of “self pleasure” in relation to DL themes to keep things real, this story was never really about involving sexual relations and interaction. I just don’t feel that’s needed, nor do I want to write about it. Not really my thing. It’s just not necessary.

  21. There is no direct contact link. The zip file opens fine, but any other files not in a zip format just open up a page of garbled code. When you try to right click to save, it wants to save the html page version of that link.

    1. I know. I want to be, too. I’m trying to get it done this weekend. I’m visiting family but I have my laptop with me. Just been suffering from horrible writer’s block lately…

      1. I really love this story. However, you can’t rush perfection. If you are getting writiters block, just relax this weekend with them. Then try coming back to it. Give your mind time to refresh, if you will.

        1. At least ints not like star wats where you have to wait two years for the new one to come out
          Instead we wait one year

      1. I joined the server, Im PepperHead41, discord is easy once you get used to it

  22. Any update on the new chapter, I really love the story and can’t wait to read what happens next, I don’t want you to rush it or anything, I’d love to know how far to completion of chapter 32

  23. Every time i try get on MBS chapters this shows up on my screen

    1. Doesn’t happen for me on any of my devices. It still sounds like you’ve got some kind of adware or malware. 🙁

  24. How’s Chapter 32 coming along, it’s been awhile since I saw an update on it, any rough estimation when we can expect it to come out? Loving the story, I keep re reading while waiting for new chapters keep up the great work, ps I don’t want to rush you in completing a chapter I know what can happen when a chapter is rushed, I’d just love an update every once in a while

  25. Nobody:
    Me: checks this website every few days to see if chapter 32 is out yet

    Any progress shattered? No pressure lol

    1. When it’s done – since the last few chapters took him a year per chapter – do the math & come back the end of the year.

      1. Again I remind you I have a life outside of this. I don’t get paid to do this. Work and family always come first.

        It’s done when it’s done. All I can say, sorry.

  26. I just click on main menu then click on madison’s big secret then chapter and i get thishttps://rxshop-24-online.com/order-levitra-online.html please check website

    thank you christopher cortise

    1. Dude I think your computer may have malware.

      I just checked the site on my laptop using 3 different browsers and it works fine. Also tried from my Chromebook using public wi-fi.
      We use anti-spam / hacker protection on this site so I highly doubt I’ve been hacked.

      If you use Windows, look for a program called MalwareBytes Anti-Malware. Install it. Run a scan and have it remove whatever it finds. The first scan could take hours, but it will help.

      1. Also you can try hitman pro, it scans – with multiple engines – for spy-, ad- and malware

      1. Really not sure what’s going on here… As I said I actually pay for an anti-spam / anti-hack service for this site and it seems to be doing a good job.

  27. Hi
    This web site has been taking over I typ in it it and get nothing on it or get redireted or pills please check website

  28. could you add my nieces to your story if at all possible, maybe in an upcoming chapter? Sophie not only looks like Emily, she’s exactly like her in most ways; (she’s 15) Katherine is 17 1/2 and she’s quite a bit like Brittany. if you can’t add them, i understand 250%! just let me know so i don’t keep asking;

  29. chapter 19, 20, 22 are a different format to the rest of the chapters. any chance they can be changed to match the format of the rest of them?

    1. 19, 20 & 22 are in MS-WORD 9x-2003 .doc format. Should still open in newer versions of Word or OpenOffice, though. I don’t exactly remember why I did this – but I will try to convert them into .docx format soon.

  30. Sorry to be impatient but im dying to read something good
    Still waiting for chapter 31 👌

    1. Don’t mind my comment it’s late the site wouldn’t refresh so I commented this so yeah when it refreshed I saw the new stuff and it was too late 😛 so yeah just don’t mind it 😅

  31. First of all;

    Many thanks for this great new chapter, quality needs it’s time.


    Did something go wrong with the alignment?

    Some lines are a bit here and there, so it’s a bit harder to read.

      1. Some parts are center aligned instead of left sided – I hope you understand what I mean.

      2. There’s something wrong with the alignment of some alinea’s; they’re centered instead of left oriented.

        1. I’m still not seeing an issue. I just downloaded chapter 31 from the chapters page and opened it in my copy of Word 2016. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like for me.

          The only thing I’m doing a bit differently now is I indent (tab) when a new person talks, because I find it easier to read dialogue that way. What are you using to open the .docx file? Should I try making PDFs instead?

          1. Read my latest Blog post about security and such… Again I’m sorry my efforts ended up taking the site down for about a month, but that is fixed now. There should not be any further issues.

  32. I wonder what year exactly MBS takes place in! Will the girls be upset that Sesame Street is no longer on Cruisers?

  33. You should have a discord and put updates on there as well, it is much easier because I get notifications through my computer.

      1. It is indeed. Just making some last minute edits of errors and such. It’ll go live soon!

        1. Shattered, I have two questions for you. I am an aspiring, young, just starting out writer who just so happens to have some ideas and things forbid your story. I can see, and I am grateful for all the amazing work you put out, and I would love to help in any way possible. Is there any way I can contact you through email?
          Also, as someone above mentioned: you should most definitely make a discord server to post updates. It is 30x easier than a website and I bet there are many discord techys on this storyboard that would love to help.
          Thanks for everything
          Signed, Badvua

          1. Yes you can email me… Sd79(atsign)sddr.us

            Thanks for your kind words. I will look into discord.

    1. Yeah, I agree. It would also help to bring the community together in some way perhaps, which is always good.

    2. Excuse this old man (I’ll be 40 in April), but what is a discord? Is that like some new hip e-mail newsletter thing? Way back in the old days when ADA was being written, I had such a thing… But today I figured no one would be interested in that. Perhaps I’m wrong.

  34. Hi Shattered just wanted to ask how close are u to finishing chapter 31 I’m sorry if I’m being soo impatient I just can’t live without reading any good stories like yours
    So hope u get done 😊

        1. There’s no reason to reply; check 08/20/2018 at 16:16, that should be enough info.

          Since English isn’t my native language – I read it better than I write – I need some time to react, besides I’m not checking this site on a daily basis.

          1. I’ve already red it besides theres no reason to tell me I’m impatient cause I already know that that’s why I said sorry for being too impatient

    1. Sorry for the late reply.

      I’d love to tell you 31 is done but it isn’t quite yet. But I am trying to get over this slump.

  35. You know the journal that you published for Emily… Could you do one for Andrew and Josh?

  36. Dude you need to get it done asap, your gonna lose fans since they’ve been waiting almost a year, like, if you did a often update and made a patron others and me would donate. -best of luck from Arizona

    1. “Dude,” you seem to forget this is not my full time job. It’s something I started as a hobby. My career and my family always come first. If I lose fans because of that, so be it. I’m not doing this to make money or even be famous. It’ll get done when I have the chance… Sorry to burst your bubble but I do this story on my own time and I do it my way. I have accepted the fact that I can’t please everyone. I’m not going to lose sleep over it anymore.

  37. Hey, shattered I was wondering if you had a patron. I’ve been a fan for awhile (you probably know from my last few comments) and really want to support your next story.
    -your pal

  38. Dude can we at least have a update? How many pages or paragraphs left? ? ? Sorry big fan here lol.. I love your idea and story’s****

    1. Please – try to be less impatient.

      Some people had a life to, you know?

      Since he / she / they is / are moving over to another place / home, it will take time for them to get things done.

      I’m also a big fan, but I know how it is to have some setbacks in life.

      1. Haven’t been on this site for a while now thx for the update (even though I’m late) and I hope you’ve already settled into ur new apartment 😊 that’s all for now can’t wait for chap. 31😊

        1. Moved last weekend and I just finished unpacking most of the major stuff. It’s been a crazy weekend. Just set-up my new office and writing area. Now I just need to do some shopping (I have no groceries lol) and get over this writer’s block, and all should be good.

          1. Well as usual I’m late to reply again 😅 but that’s good to hear 😊

  39. Thank you for writing these stories. I have read all of Madison’s Big Secret at this point. I have also started reading Ashley’s Diaper Adventures. I think they are both great books. This is coming from someone who generally doesn’t like reading or is unable to comprehend the story unless I want to read and get to pick the book. I have both enjoyed reading and comprehended these stories. I can’t wait for chapter 31 but understand that writing takes time.

    1. Thank you, that means a lot.

      I am working on the final pages of ch. 31 this week. Thanks for your patience.

        1. I always thought so. My boyfriend and me (I’m a he) also found moving into our first place super stressful.
          -your pal anonymous

  40. I invite the author to read this new tale I made, it is illustrated with real images that do not have copyrights, maybe they give you an idea.

    (( URL REMOVED by SD )) the images on your little story page are not only “copyrighted,” they were also from a photo series which got the photographer and mother in prison due to child abuse. I’m not going to explain further. If the images are removed from your site, I will re-edit this and put the URL back in. I’m sorry but I cannot and will not support child abuse on this site.

  41. I come from another blog saying their was good stories here and wow they sure were right, any news on when chapter 31 is done

  42. I really enjoyed Madison’s big secret. I just wanted to let you know how awesome your work is and thank you for all your hard work you put into this stories. I can’t wait till chapter 31 is done. Hopefully before my birthday in 17 days.

        1. Thanks. I swear if I had a dollar for every time I get asked this, I could quit my job and write full-time. 😛

          1. Will this be the chapter where Josh and Andrew join the diaper fun?

          2. Probably not. In 31 they are still visiting family in WI. Josh and Andrew didn’t go with them… But we shall see…

        2. This is just a suggestion but what if you have a scene with just Andrew or Josh in this chapter and they could try diapers out on their own or something. Just a suggestion though…

          1. I love this idea. I’d love to see SD write this but if you’d like to start writing I could help as well. I’m really fast at typing and I like this kind of stuff

  43. When will Ch 31 be out? How many more Chapters in MBS do you plan on writing? Will MBS ever become a book if not it should

    1. Hi Lane,
      1. Soon. Hopefully before Easter.
      2. I don’t have like a set goal for how long MBS will get, but I’m not “out of ideas” yet. So, if I were to guess, maybe 40 or 45 chapters?
      3. Hopefully someday. These things cost $$. I do this as a hobby, not my main job. If I could make a living writing, I would — but that hasn’t proven true as of yet.

      1. Those 40~45 chapters would be without counting the 30 chapters you have already done (making a Grand total of 70~75 chapters)?

        Nice to hear that we will have (hopefully) a new chapter soon! Can’t wait! 😀

          1. ———————————————Spoilers——————————————

            Is this going to be the chapter where Megan’s parents find out about Megan wearing and using diapers

          2. ___________________ Spoilers __________________________________________
            ::: “Is this going to be the chapter where Megan’s parents find out about Megan wearing and using diapers” :::
            … Yes, I think so. Chapter 31… in fact I’m about to write that scene right about now. 😛

      2. Chapter 33 was very well balanced. The right amount of drama, character development, sweetness, and even mystery and resolution made this chapter great. I always enjoy the new releases and admire that you don’t sacrafice quality in the favor of speed. To Shattered, from a fellow writer, keep up the great work.

  44. I’m 16 and I wear 24/7. Great writing Shattered, I’ve read and reread both ADA and MBS many times! My kik is MrHockey31, I’d love to talk to any Abdls anytime!👍🏼

    1. I’m 15… And would like to wear pull-ups/diapers but the economic situation in my country doesn’t help… What about you?

    1. Hopefully soon. I am also in the middle of trying to land a job (again) and of course that takes priority 1.

  45. I enjoy the efforts yօu have put in this, aρpreciate it for all thе great content.

    1. Yes of course. I’m really trying to make things happen here. Thanks for having patience. 🙂

  46. When is chapter 30 going to be released, I am very intrested to see what happens the next morning.

          1. Thanks. I see now what you mean. I will attempt to fix it tonight after work.

          2. It lookd like Chapter 23 is incomplete;

            1st Draft – Begin Date/Time: 18 OCT 2014 @ 00:55
            I’m just curious about the rest of the chapter.

            The rest of the chapters are complete (as far as I can see).

      1. You couldn’t make comments from a cellphone… The comment system was harder to get working

    1. I’m sorry it took so long. But thanks for testing the new comment plug in. Using a different spam filter this time.

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