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When is chapter 30 coming? There are incomplete chapter files / bugs /etc.

So I’ve noticed a lot of comments about some chapter files not working or being incomplete.  I’ll address that first.

With the re-install of the site from scratch, there’s going to be some kinks and bugs to iron out.  I’m a busy guy with a life and a job.  Thank you for letting me know of the issues. I am working on fixing them ASAP.   Chapter 21 has been fixed. Chapter 23 I am looking into this evening and will update this post in the comments when fixed.

As for when chapter 30, 31, 32, etc will be done.   Do we really need to keep asking? All I can say right now is it’ll be done when it’s done.  Writing does not pay the bills for me. I wish it did, but it doesn’t.  Please know chapter 30 IS in progress and I want it to be done just as bad as you do.

Thank you.

11 thoughts on “When is chapter 30 coming? There are incomplete chapter files / bugs /etc.

  1. Thank you for letting us know that everything’s fixed now! :3

    I’m really liking this new blog section of the page… It’s really nice having news of what’s happening in the page :3

  2. Chapter 23 has been fixed.

    I also replaced the ZIP file of chapter 1-29 to include the fixed files.

    Refresh/re-download. Enjoy.

        1. The only ADA i see are “the lost chapters”, that’s why I’m asking 😉 .

          The version on the old site was damaged, i thought that’s the reason why they are “disappeared”.

          Take your time, i know you’re busy fixing things up .

        2. I thought it was just a menu (just like the mbs menu), because of the “lost chapter” section – unfortunately the file is (still) damaged, i can’t open it with Google Docs.

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