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MBS Discord Server

Hey… So there was some interest in having a Discord thingy for MBS. I fiddled with it and made one called MBS Server. It’s for talking about the story, sharing ideas and AB/TB/DL stuff in general. I’m new to Discord. I’m not a big “gamer” besides the occasional Roblox game and playing Candy Crush on my phone (LOL). So, this is going to be a bit of a learning experience for myself and some of the readers.

(updated 2/18/22)

My discord name is SD79#3219 – add me. If that doesn’t work, try adding by email: sd79 AT sddr.us 🙂

The above is your invite link. It doesn’t expire. Please join if you’d like. Now, for some ground rules.

  1. Please don’t abuse this. I cannot babysit this “server” all day. I will try to pop in random evenings, but no promises. I’m going to try to establish a moderator team.
  2. Keep the chat somewhat clean. PG-13 at the worst. Don’t cuss for the sake of cussing. It’s annoying.
  3. NO EXPLICIT SEXUAL DISCUSSION. Don’t even go there.
  4. NOTHING ILLEGAL. No posting links to p-0-r-n sites or “warez” sites.
  5. NO BULLYING / HARASSMENT or TROLLING. Zero tolerance policy. We are all different, but all equal.
  6. NO POLITICS. If you want to argue politics, go on Facebook. It’s a wasteland for that crap.
  7. NO RELIGION TALK. This includes making a comment that you’re quitting the AB/DL life because you’ve “found Jesus and no longer wish to be a sinner.” You want to believe that and quit this lifestyle, that’s great – but the rest of us don’t need to see it, nor be told we’re sinners or freaks. Nor do we need to be preached at about how we too need to talk to Jesus. Just stop it. Again, go to FB if you want to partake in such nonsense.
  8. NO BOTS or SPAMMING. Self explanatory.
  9. NO ASKING OVER AND OVER “when is chapter XX going to be done?!” Seriously. That’s just annoying.

We Need MODS!

Seeking experienced DISCORD users who wouldn’t mind moderating the MBS chat rooms. Interested? Send me an email: sd79 AT sddr.us (where AT is the @ sign). Tell me your age, discord tag (your name there) general location (we need mods from all over the world to accommodate for various time zones. I’m not asking for your exact town or state, but something like “West Coast USA” or “North Africa” is fine), experience level with Discord, and why you feel you’d make a nice, fair moderator. I will try to be fair in my selections, but obviously if I get 10 who have more experience verses 20 who just signed up for Discord 5 minutes ago, I’m going to go with the 10 more experienced.

Thanks and enjoy. Again, I will try to pop in the MBS Server when able.

2 thoughts on “MBS Discord Server

  1. Could you add an updated invite? Also, your username is in the wrong format so I can’t add you.

    1. Updated the invite link, my username and also ADDED to the rules (#7, no religion talk). Enjoy.

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