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ADA 2: The Lost Chapters (failed sequel)

ADA the Lost Chapters

A/K/A: Ashley’s Secret

Written By ShatteredDreams. – Copyright 2002

Co-Written by Jay J.


Chapter One – “A New Beginning: High School”

The alarm clock buzzes but Ashley just moans and whacks it with her hand. Summer vacation is over and it’s the first day of school. Ashley isn’t really thrilled about it, she would much rather sleep in. Mrs. Roberts, her mother, enters her room to check on her.  “Ashley…Ashley! It’s time to get up and get ready for school. You don’t want to be late for your first day, come on sleepyhead.” There is no reply or sound of movement from her. Ashley is spread across the bed, her sheets are falling off and her arms are under a pillow. One leg is straight while the other is bent. She is wearing a tank top and a disposable diaper, which is completely soaked. Mrs. Roberts carefully sits down on the bed and shakes her daughter a little.

“Ashley, honey, it’s time to get up now,” she whispers. Ashley rolls on her back and covers her eyes with her left arm. She moans a bit, which means she doesn’t want to get up. Her mother looks at Ashley’s diaper. “Oh, you’re wet. You better get changed,” she says. Ashley whines softly like a little child. “Mmmmuhh I don’ wanna do it…” Her mother sighs quietly and proceeds to change her fourteen year old daughter’s diaper.

“You know, you should be doing this,” Mrs. Roberts says.

“Uhh, sorry mommy,” Ashley says innocently. Her mother smiles to herself, thinking how sweet Ashley can be sometimes. She continues to change her daughter’s diaper. “I spoiled you this time,” she says as she finishes changing her, “now come on, get up.” She grabs her daughter’s hands and pulls her up so that now she is in the sitting position. Ashley finally begins to wake up.  “All right, I’m awake,” she says. Her mother smiles and leaves the room. Ashley collapses back on the bed.

“I see I’m going to have to use force,” her mother says, re-entering the room. She begins to tickle Ashley’s ribs, which causes Ashley to break out into loud laughter. “Haha! Okay! Okay! I’m up, I’m up! For real!” She says while giggling.  She hops out of bed and goes into the bathroom to get ready.


[Meet Ashley Roberts. She is a fourteen year old girl with shoulder length brown hair. Her eyes are green and she has an innocent smile. She’s 4’10” with a developing body. She’s petite and thin and can fit into a size eight diaper. Snuggies are her favorite. ]


Ashley brushes her hair and fiddles with her bangs and blows upwards on them. She thinks to herself, “I need a new style” and plays with her hair until she sees something she likes. She finishes in the bathroom and dresses herself in a maroon turtle sweater and blue jeans. She walks downstairs and goes into the kitchen, putting some pop-tarts in the toaster. Kelly, her younger sister, walks in, all cheery and happy. Kelly is ten and a half years old. She has short blonde hair that is parted down the middle. She’s thin, a little thinner than Ashley and has blue eyes. She wears a friendship bracelet on her left arm and is wearing a nice shirt with some khaki pants.

“Good morning, Ash!”  Ashley softly says “good morning Kelly,” not sounding very enthused.

“You don’t sound too excited for the first day of school,” Kelly says.

“I’d rather be sleeping,” Ashley moans.

“That’s all you ever wanna do,” Kelly complains.

“But my bed was soooo warm…” Ashley mutters. She begins to daydream and is snapped back into reality when the toaster ejects her breakfast.

“Well, I’m excited! I can’t wait to start the fifth grade!” Kelly says with great anticipation.

“Yeah, fifth grade is pretty fun. I remember—“  Ashley’s mother interrupts.

“Ashley! Your bus is here.”

“Crud!” Ashley says while trying to finish her pop tarts. She runs to the closet and grabs her coat and backpack and starts zooming out the door. Her mother stands in the kitchen, clearing her throat.  Ashley runs back to her and kisses her mother goodbye. Mrs. Roberts smiles and tells Ashley to have a good day.

“I hope so, thanks,” she says while running down the sidewalk towards the bus. The bus is about to drive off when a girl inside sees Ashley running for dear life. “Wait, driver. Ashley’s coming!”  The driver waits as Ashley gets on the bus. She immediately sees her best friend, Julie and sits next to her. Julie is Ashley’s best friend from elementary school. She has brown hair that is a little over her shoulders and parted to the side. Her eyes are brown and she wears small glasses. She’s wearing a dark blue striped shirt and some black pants. The bus begins to move. Ashley looks at her friend, trying to figure out if she’s wearing a diaper.

“Are you wearing a diaper?” Ashley whispers.

“No, I haven’t bought a pack in a while. I need to get some,” Julie whispers back. Julie is no longer diaper dependent. She began potty trained shortly after seventh grade. She still likes to wear diapers, but decided she didn’t want to be totally dependent.

“I could let you have a few until you do,” Ashley says. Julie smiles. “Really? You wouldn’t mind?”

“Nah. I could bring ‘em tomorrow. What are friends for?” Ashley asks.

“Cool! Thanks,” Julie says, a little above a whisper. Luckily no one hears the conversation as everyone else in the bus is talking loudly.

“Have you tried Snuggies before?” Ashley asks. Julie looks a little puzzled.

“Nu-uh. What are those?”

“They’re really neat. They’re baby diapers in teen sizes. They still have the plastic cover, unlike Huggies and Pampers,” Ashley explains.

“Cool. I don’t like cloth like diapers that much either, except when it’s hot outside.”  Ashley nods. The girls discuss what classes they have and don’t have as the wait for the bus to arrive at school. After a few minutes, it arrives at Eastman High. The school is big and two stories high. The bus parks on the west side of the building and the kids begin walking out of the bus. Ashley and Julie walk down the hall. Julie stops at room 103.  “Here’s my first period. I’ll see you at lunch,” Julie says. Ashley nods. “Alright. See you then, bye.”

Ashley walks down the hall and turns down another hall, looking for her first period classroom. While walking, she observes people in the hallway. She thinks to herself that things sure are different in High School. She walks by a bunch of punks who have dyed hair and body piercings. She passes some jocks that make a few wolf whistles at her, and then sees some geeks who are talking about the latest Final Fantasy and Star Trek game.  She finally finds her first period English class and sits down at an empty desk. She looks around the room at the few people who are seated. No one greets her. Soon more kids come in and sit down. One boy looks in.  “Is this Mr. Heafer’s room?” the boy asks.  “No, this is Mr. Donner’s English,” a girl answers. The boy looks at his schedule in a confused manner and leaves. The room is nearly full and finally someone sits next to Ashley. An African-American girl.  She looks at Ashley and smiles just a little. “Wussup? I’m Tia,” the girl says. Ashley smiles at her. “Hi. I’m Ashley. Ashley Roberts,” she says politely.  “Coo’. Nice to meet ya,” Tia responds. The bell rings and in comes the teacher. He’s a heavy set man with a slightly-grey hair and glasses. He shuts the door behind him and heads for his desk and sets his books down.

“Good morning everyone! Hope everyone is in the right class,” Mr. Donner says cheerfully. The door opens and a six foot seven guy with half open eyes enters the room. He looks very relaxed and confident. “Is this..Mr. Donner’s English?” Mr. Donner smiles. “Yes, yes it is. Come in and have a seat,” he says. The tall hunk sits down on the other side of Ashley’s desk. Ashley looks at him and smiles at him shyly, just to be friendly. He smiles back, thinking to himself “I need to get to know this girl, she’s a fox.”

“As you already learned, I’m Mr. Donner. This is going to be an exciting year. Can’t you just feel it?” Mr. Donner says, trying to liven up the class a little. Some kids laughed. The class went on with everyone introducing themselves and getting textbooks and workbooks passed out. Nothing real excited happened, but Ashley was happy that her English teacher seemed to be a nice guy, and not some old, grouchy stuffed shirt.

The bell rings. Ashley walks down the halls and looks at the school map to try and find her next class. She isn’t used to being in such a big school. Her middle school was just the right size. This sure is going to be a big adjustment, she thinks to herself. As she’s walking, some kids pass by wearing diapers on the outside of their pants. Her attention is immediately distracted by the sight. She stops and stares for a moment and then continues on. Around the corner is a “station” for Freshmen to be diapered. There are some guys and one girl behind a fold-out table with a bunch of packages of diapers behind it. Ashley slowly walks closer for a better look. One of the guys grabs a kid who was looking at his map.

“You’re a Freshman, ain’tcha?”  a senior boy asks.

“Um, yes,” the Freshman boy says.

“We’ve got ourselves a ‘new born.’” The senior boy says to his friends. He grabs the boy and lays him on the table. His backpack falls to the floor. The boy just lays there, completely confused. The senior girl comes over with an adult diaper. “Lay still baby boy, it’s time for a diaper change,” she says while laughing. The other two Seniors grab him and assist in the diaper process. The Freshman is soon diapered. The Seniors stand next to each other and sing a short song…


“You’re our new baby.

Yes you are.

You’re our new baby.

Cutest by far.

You’re our new baby.

Yes you are.

Now don’t wet yourself.”


The Freshman boy grabs his backpack and walks away, his face beat red. A few kids laugh at him. One of the kids laughing gets grabbed and diapered. Ashley walks away amazed at what just happened. She checks the time and hurries off, entering her second period classroom. Most of the desks are occupied except for a few in front. She sits down at an empty desk. The bell rings and the teacher comes out from behind her desk and sits on a stool in the front of the room. She’s a lady in her early thirties with short curly hair, wearing a nice dress suit.

“Hello. I’m Miss Sather. Welcome to Mathematics One. First of all, I’d like to go over some of the rules. First one is, be on time. If there is one that upsets me, it’s being…” the teacher rattles on. Ashley can tell she isn’t going to like this teacher. Handouts and books are passed around. She goes over what she’ll be teaching and the bell rings.

“Remember, tomorrow I want your books to be covered and I want you to bring a calculator,” Mrs. Sather says. The kids empty out of the room. Ashley puts her puts in her backpack and walks to her third period. She passes a few girls who are wearing diapers over their pants. She stares at them as they walk by. A tall guy, most likely a jock, accidentally bumps into Ashley. “Stupid Freshman!” he blurts out. Ashley lowers her brow at the guy and walks on. She arrives at her science class. As usual, she takes a seat, kids pile in, and the bell rings. The teacher comes out from behind his desk and sits on a stool in the middle of the front of the room. “If you turn your direction to the black board, you’ll see a seating chart,” Mr. Bascombe says. The kids moan in disgust. “Yep. Get yourselves to the correct spot and we’ll take roll call,” the teacher says. Everyone obeys and finds their correct seats. The teacher proceeds to take roll call.  “Ashley Roberts?”

“Here!” Ashley says. “Valerie Spaeth?”  “Here!” a girl says. The teacher finishes roll call. The text books are gathered and the rules are passed around. As the teacher is babbling about the rules, Ashley’s feels something warm trickling into her diaper. She sighs a little, enjoying the moment. It sure is more exciting than listening to a bunch of boring rules, she thinks. Years of inactive bladder muscles have caused her to become fully incontinent.  A slight “hiss” is barely audible as Ashley pees in her diaper. The pee flows out with no sign of stopping soon. Ashley presses her legs together slightly. The diaper begins to swell underneath her jeans. Valerie looks around.

“You hear something? Valerie asks her. Ashley plays dumb. “I don’t hear anything.” Valeria ignores it and goes back to what she was doing. Ashley stops wetting her diaper. It’s very warm and slightly heavy, but no chance of leaking. The bell rings. Ashley gathers up her things and slowly gets up and walks out. She decides she better go change her diaper. Luckily, the girl’s restroom is close by. She walks in, examining the room for any signs of people. No one is around. She goes into the handicap stall and sets her bag on the floor. She pulls out a diaper that is cleverly hidden in her backpack and sets it on the toilet seat lid. She pulls her pants down to her knees and rips the tapes off her soaked diaper, making a very loud plastic sound. She sets the wet diaper on the ground and begins wiping herself with some wipes. She thinks to herself that changing herself isn’t as much fun as when someone else does it, but knows she’s going to have to get used to it. Ashley puts the wipes inside the diaper and rolls it up. She rubs some baby powder on her diaper area and begins to diaper herself. She unfolds the diaper and presses it against her bottom, leans against the wall and holds the diaper in place. She pulls the front up through her legs and tapes it in place. The diaper is puffy and fresh. She smiles and pulls her jeans up and opens the door to the stall. She makes sure no one is around and puts the wet diaper in the trash.  As she walks towards the door, she spots Valerie who is fixing her hair in front of the mirror.  Ashley’s heartbeat increases a bit. She wonders if Valerie heard the crinkling or noticed that there was no flushing of a toilet as Ashley left the stall. She goes out the door and hurries down the hall to get to her next class. She tries not to think about Valerie and looks at her watch and her map, locating her next class. Just then, a Senior grabs her left arm. “We found another one!” The Senior boy says. He pulls Ashley towards the “diaper station” but Ashley tries to back away.

“Uhh… This isn’t necessary. I, umm, I’m already diapered. See?” She says nervously while lifting her shirt a little and showing the top of her diaper to him. She completely forgets that other kids may be watching her. The Senior boy gives her an odd look.

“You’re already wearing one?” The boy asks, confused.

“Uh huh. Can I go now?” Ashley pleads. The boy lets go of her. Ashley toddles off to find her next class.

“What’d she say??” A Senior girl asks her friend.

“She’s actually wearing it, like inside her pants,” the boy explains. The Senior girl just rolls her eyes and laughs. Ashley arrives at Mr. Woodruff’s History class. More text books and handouts were passed around. Ashley notices one of the guys in class wearing a diaper over his pants. Some of the kids around him notice and make jokes at him in good humor. Soon the class ends and it’s time for lunch. Ashley goes to her locker and puts her backpack away and gets out her home-made lunch her mother prepared for her. As she’s about to leave, a girl stops her. “Hold up,” she says. Ashley turns around to see a slightly heavy girl with blonde hair that is in a ponytail. She is wearing a puffy coat and big baggy pants. She isn’t much taller than Ashley.  Ashley smiles at her. “Hi, I’m Ashley. I guess we’re locker mates, huh?” The girl smiles back. “Yeah that’s right. I’m Elaine. Well, I gotta go. I’ll talk to ya later,” Elaine says. Ashley smiles and says goodbye and heads off to the lunchroom. She enters the cafeteria and looks around the immense room filled with lots of people. Tables with connected benches are placed all around. She sits in the third table from one of the main doors. She opens up her brown paper bag and pulls out her turkey club sandwich with cheese, tomato, and a little mayo. She takes a bite of her sandwich, and as if on cue, Julie comes over and sits down across from her..

“Hey Ash!” Julie says happily. Ashley gulps her food down and smiles. “Oh, Hi Julie. I’m glad you found me. I don’t really know anyone here yet,” she says. Julie nods. “Hey, have you seen—“

“Yes, I have,” Ashley interrupts, knowing exactly what Julie is referring to. “I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it,” Ashley says.

“Me either, I was like…” Julie rambles. She goes on to explain how crazy the senior’s diapering stunt is. Ashley explains how they tried to diaper her but she showed them she was diapered.

“Woah! You actually showed them your…diaper?” Julie asks, with a look of amazement.

“Yeah, well, it was the only way to get them off my back. I didn’t want them to diaper me like that,” she said. Julie and Ashley giggle. “It was funny to see the other kids wearing diapers, though. I wish they would have used something other than generic diapers,” Ashley says. Julie giggles. “Maybe you should have been the organizer, huh?” Ashley laughs and whispers, “yeah, make everyone in the school wear diapers. No bathroom breaks.” Julie and Ashley laugh as a freshman boy of about 5’11” with a slight build walks up to their table and sits next to Ashley. His hair is medium length and he is well groomed. He’s wearing a deep green shirt and black jeans.

“There you are, sweetie,” the boy says to Ashley. He gives her a little smooch on the cheek. “How are ya?” He asks her. Ashley smiles, happy to see him.

“I’m doing good Billy, how about you?” Ashley says.  Billy smiles. “Doing well. And how’s it going for you, Julie?”

“I’m feelin’ fine!” Julie says. “Glad to hear it. Classes going over smoothly?” Billy asks.  He pulls a banana out of his bag and begins peeling it.

“Yeppers!” She says. She thinks in her mind: “I’m so jealous of Ashley…She doesn’t know how good she’s got it.”  Billy asks Ashley how her classes are.

“They’re all right but I don’t like my math teacher at all.”

“Who’d you get?” Billy asks.

“Mrs. Sather.”  Billy sighs. “I got her for sixth period. She real strict?”

“She is, but she is mostly boring.” Julie does a Ben Stein impression, “Now class. This is a decimal…” Billy and Ashley laugh hysterically. “You do a good impression,” Billy says to her. Julie smiles and thanks him. They go on about classes, who they’ve seen, and what they’ve seen. Soon, the warning bell rings. The kids get up and throw their trash away. “I’m going to grab my backpack. Getting through my hall is a pain,” Ashley says.

“Okay, I’ll call you tonight, okay?” Billy says. Ashley nods. They kiss each other on the cheek and go off to their lockers. Julie follows Ashley to her locker. “What class do you have next?” Julie asks. “Study hall,” Ashley says.

“That’s gonna be a tough one, huh?” Julie says sarcastically. Ashley smiles. “It will come in handy. My science teacher, Mr. Bascombe, said we’d be doing a lot of projects later on in the year. Julie laughs. “Admit it, you wanted an easy slack off class.”

“Yes, I did. Can you blame me?” Ashley laughs. Julie laughs with her. “Nah.” They arrive at Ashley’s locker. Ashley whispers, “I need to change, if you know what I mean.” Julie nods. “I’ll see you in parenting,” Ashley says.  “Yep, I’ll see you then, chum.” Julie wonders off. Ashley grabs her backpack and goes to the bathroom. Again, no one is there. She quickly changes herself while standing again. Ashley throws the diaper away and washes her hands and heads to the library where the study hall room is. She sits down at a table where a few kids are sitting and asks if she’s in the study hall room. The kids nod and say yes.

Study hall dragged on. There was nothing to do so Ashley just read a book. Some other kids were sleeping. The bell rings and it’s time for parenting class. Ashley walks into the parenting classroom and sees Julie sitting at a table. She sits by her and smiles. Julie seems to have something on her mind.

“You’re not going to believe this!” Julie exclaims.

“What?” Ashley asks.

“You know how the Seniors have been initiating most of the Freshmen by making them wear diapers?”

“Yeah?” Julie lowers her voice.  “I was initiated.”

“Really?” Ashley questions. Julie looks at her seriously. “No foolin.”

“What happened?” Ashley asks.

“I was in the locker room, getting ready for gym, and some Senior girls came up to me and told me to wear a diaper during the entire period,” Julie explains.

“What’d you say?” Ashley asks.

“I told ‘em I didn’t want to and they said either I would do it or they could do it. They did it.” Ashley’s eyes are wide as she hangs on every word.

“They laid me on one of the benches in the room and put a diaper over my underwear. Felt kinda weird,” Julie says.

“You actually wore it during gym class?” Ashley asked, amazed.

“Yup. For once I was glad the diaper was thin. We had to do laps around the room. Doing it in a bulky diaper would have been hard.”

“Are you still wearing it?” Ashley asks. Julie nods. “I’m wearing it the correct way, now.” The girls giggle as the final bell rings. Kids take their seats.

“Hello everyone,” Mrs. Holbrook says. No one says anything. “For kids who are almost done with their first day of school, you don’t seem too thrilled,” the teacher jokes. Some kids laugh. “First off, these are the only books you’ll need for this class. This one is your workbook. All your assignments will be from this book. The only exception is essays, and don’t worry, you won’t be writing too many of those,” Mrs. Holbrook explains. She takes a stack of text books and workbooks and hands them to some kids in the front row and asks them to take one and pass them on. Ashley whispers to Julie, “this looks like it will be a fun class.” Julie nods.

“Tomorrow we’re going to start our discussion on characteristics of infants and toddlers,” the teacher says. The kids pay attention to the usual class rules and objectives. The bell rings. Ashley and Julie go to their lockers and gets their things. They meet back at the bus terminal behind the school and get in the correct bus and sit down. “What else happened during gym class? Did anyone know you were wearing a diaper?” Ashley inquires.

“Just the girls from the locker room. None of them were in my class. Well, except for one, but she didn’t say anything.”

“Did the seniors say anything afterwards?”

“I didn’t see ‘em after class,” Julie says. Ashley shrugs,” that’s weird.” On the trip home, Ashley and Julie talk more about what classes they have and how they like their new school. The bus stops at Ashley’s house. Ashley grabs her backpack and gets up. “See you tomorrow, Julie.”

“And don’t forget the . . . you know.” Julie whispers.

“I won’t, don’t worry,” Ashley says with a smile. Ashley walks out of the bus and goes inside the house. Her mother greets her.  “Hi Sweetie.” Ashley kicks off her shoes and leaves her bag by the door. “Hi Mommy,” she says sweetly.

“How was school?” Mom asks.

“It was alright. It’s a lot different than my old school, though. A lot to get used to. But I think it’s gonna be okay,” she says. Her mother smiles. “Good to hear. Your sister loved her first day of school. She wouldn’t stop talking about it.” Ashley smiles.

“That’s cool. Where is the little rugrat?” Ashley asks.

“She’s up in her room taking a nap. I guess her first day really tired her out,” Mrs. Roberts says. Ashley smiles. “Aww, I remember when I was her age… I took a lot of naps, didn’t I?”  Her mother nods. “It’s okay Ashley…if you want to take a nap, you still can.”

“No, I’m fine, really. I’m just gonna watch some TV,” she says. She goes into the living room and turns on the television while relaxing on the couch.


Ashley’s Secret

Written By ShatteredDreams. – Copyright 2002-2003

Co-Written by Jay J.


Chapter Two – “Sweet Dreams”


Ashley is lying down on the couch, relaxing after a long day at school. Her legs are bent and she’s almost in a fetal position as her right thumb rests inside her mouth. An episode of the Powerpuff Girls is currently playing on the television. Mom walks over, bends down, and gently shakes her daughter.

“Do…not…want…to..go…to…school,” Ashley mumbles. Her mother just chuckles a little.

“Sweetie, dinner is almost ready.” Ashley sits up on the couch and shakes her left arm which is numb from laying on it for so long. “What time is it?” Ashley asks while adjusting her hair so it’s not flat on one side.

“Almost five,” Mrs. Roberts says as she goes back to the kitchen to finish up dinner. Ashley gets up and stretches for a second. Her diaper is only slightly wet; she figures it can wait. Mrs. Roberts asks her to set the table. Ashley begins to walk towards the kitchen. A voice calls out from the stairway. It’s Kelly, who is wearing just a shirt and soaking wet diaper, no socks. She just woke up from a nap. “Momeeee!” she shouts. Mrs. Roberts comes running from the kitchen and looks up the stairs. “What is it?”

“I’m wet. Can you change me?” Kelly begs.

“I’ll be up in one second,” she says as she turns to Ashley and hands her the oven mitts and soup ladle. “Keep stirring for me,” she says.  Ashley goes up to the pot of soup and stirs it around clockwise, then counter-clockwise. She takes out a piece of meat from the soup pot and eats it, not realizing it’s burning hot. She waves her hand in front of her mouth trying to cool it down. The oven timer goes off. Ashley puts the oven mitts on and opens the oven door and pulls out the pan of what’s supposed to be garlic bread. She takes out the charcoal colored bread, sighs, and throws it away. She looks in the freezer to find another loaf of garlic bread and puts it back in the oven.

Mom enters the kitchen with Kelly in her arms. Kelly is sucking a pacifier and looking cute as ever. Ashley can’t help but be jealous. She misses all that special attention she got when she was her sister’s age. She carries Kelly to her seat and sets her down and goes over to the stove by Ashley. “Thanks honey,” she says.

“No problem,” Ashley says while handing the oven mitts and ladle to her mother. “The bread burned so I put another loaf in.” She grabs some plates and silver wear and begins setting the table. Kelly pops the pacifier out of her mouth. “How was school?”

“It was pretty fun. The Seniors initiated all the Freshmen by putting them in diapers.” Ashley explains. Kelly looks surprised and says “wow!” Mom peers out of the side of her eyes and raises her brow in interest.

“Did they diaper them? I mean, like, actually put it on them?” Kelly asks.

“No, they just put ‘em over their pants,” Ashley says.

“That’s no fun,” Kelly pouts.

“One guy tried to diaper me, but I stopped him.”

“How did you stop him?” Mom asks.

“I said it was not necessary.” Mom looks at Ashley. Ashley looks at Mom. The looks last for only a second but feels like an hour to Ashley. Kelly breaks the silence.

“Should have shown him your diaper and said, “I have one already,” Kelly says while giggling. Ashley lets out a fake laugh. “Yeah,” she says. The table is finally set. Everyone says “grace” and they serve themselves some soup along with some fresh, unburned garlic bread. Ashley goes on to tell about her day.

“How about you, Kelly? Did you make any new friends?” Mom asks.

“Uh huh.” Kelly says while sipping her soup. “I met this one girl, Lisa, and she’s been in my class for a while. I just never talked to her ‘till today. She’s real nice. We met at recess by the swings….” Kelly goes on with her story…


[ At the playground during Kelly’s recess ]


A girl walks up towards Kelly and says hi. Kelly turns to face her.

“Hello. You’re in my class, right?” Kelly says softly. The girl nods.

“I’m Lisa.”

“I’m Kelly. Nice to meet you,” she says with a smile.

“Yeah, I know you. I had the same teacher as you in third grade,” Lisa                               explains.

“You did? I guess I never saw you,” Kelly says.

“No one ever does,” Lisa says while laughing a little. They swing together              for a while.

“You’re the Kelly who wore diapers, aren’t you?” Lisa inquires. Kelly                                goes quiet for a moment and then speaks softly. “Yeah, why?”

“I was just wondering,” Lisa replies.

“You’re not gonna’ make fun of me?” Kelly asks in a worried tone.

“No, why would I?”

“I don’t know. Everyone else does,” Kelly says as her face turns to frown.

“I’d never make fun of somebody because of that,” Lisa says while giving                                     her new friend a hug. Kelly smiles.

“You’re cool. Wanna be friends?”  Lisa nods and the girls continue to play                         together at recess.



Mom smiles. “That’s great sweetie. I’m glad you’re making friends.”

“That’s not all. Then I met this girl named Kameko. She’s cool too!” Kelly again goes on to explain how she met Kameko.


[ Flashback – Kelly at School ]


Kelly is sitting at her desk working on an assignment during work time. Her pencil breaks. She turns around. “You got a pencil I can-,” she begins to say when she sees a cute picture of a hamster the girl is drawing. “Did you draw that?” she asks. Kameko nods her head. Kelly adjusts herself in her seat to get a better view.

“That’s awesome. He’s so cute,” Kelly gleams.

“Thank you. It’s Hamtaro,” says Kameko.

“Did you make him up?” Kelly asks.

“No, he’s a cartoon character.” Kelly looks at the picture with amazement.

“Would you like it?” Kameko asks.

“I can have it? Really?” Kelly asks excitedly. Kameko nods and hands it to Kelly.

“Wow, thank you so much. I’m Kelly, by the way.”

“I’m Kameko.”

“Nice to meet you,” Kelly says.



Kelly then goes on to explain how there’s a new nurse in her school.

“Do you like her?” Mom asks.

“Yeah, she’s okay I guess,” Kelly says.


[ Flashback – Kelly’s visit to the school nurse ]


            Kelly steps into the nurse’s office. One student, around second grade, leaves with a big band-aid on his elbow.

“Remember, don’t pick at it or it won’t heal,” the nurse says to the boy.

The boy nods and says he won’t. The nurse sees Kelly standing by the door. “How can I help you?” Kelly walks in slowly. She’s a bit shy because she has to get her diaper changed by a new nurse.

“I’m here for…for…a…dia…diaper…diaper change,” she stutters.

“You must be Kelly Roberts. Your mother told me about you. Have a seat,” she says while patting the examination table. Kelly hops up. The nurse looks at her as if she’s seen her before.  “Do you have a sister?”

“Yes,” Kelly says nervously.

“Is her name Ashley?”  Kelly nods.

“When Ashley went to this school, I used to help Mrs. Patterson change her. I’m Miss Kennedy,” she says while shaking Kelly’s hand. Kelly starts to feel a little more at ease and kindly says hello.  The nurse takes out a Pampers size seven as Kelly lays down. She’s still a little nervous about being changed by someone new. Miss Kennedy unbuttons and unzips Kelly’s pants. She hoists her hips up and up-tapes her wet diaper, rolls it up, and tosses it. Kelly wants to suck her thumb to help calm herself down but doesn’t in fear of what the nurse may think. The nurse cleans Kelly’s diaper area and applies some baby powder, then lifts her legs and slides the new diaper under her, brings it up through her legs,         and fastens the tapes. It’s obvious she’s done this many times before.

“There you go, all done,” the nurse says while smiling.

“Th-Thanks,” Kelly says shyly. She pulls her pants up, buttons them, and    hops down to the floor.

“You’re welcome Kelly,” the nurse says.



“It’ll take a while before you get used to her,” Mom says as she finishes eating.  “Who’s turn is it to do the laundry?”  The girls look at each other. Ashley blurts out Kelly’s name and Kelly blurts out Ashley, both at the same time. They look at each other again.

“I did it last time, it’s your turn,” Kelly says.

“Nuh-uh. I did it last time,” Ashley says.

“No, I did!” Kelly says in a frustrated tone. They both turn to their mother and whine in unison, “Mom!?!” Mom, who isn’t feeling like getting into this argument, picks a name at random. She picks a piece of meat out of her teeth with her tongue, not seen by human eyes. She stands up and takes her dishes to the sink.

“Ashley,” Mom says.

“What! No fair!” Ashley pouts. Kelly sits there smirking. Ashley gives her a dagger stare.

“Which means it’s Kelly turn to do the dishes,” Mom finishes. Ashley looks at Kelly and says “Ha!”  Kelly slumps in her chair as Ashley begins to walk out of the room. “Hey, you forgot to take your dishes to the sink!”

“Sorry, I got laundry to do,” Ashley says as she races out of the room.

“Brat,” Kelly whispers. Mom hears her and gives her that “look” which can say a hundred words without speaking. Kelly moans and starts to do the dishes.


Ashley walks down a flight of stairs to the laundry room. The room is decent size. A big freezer is on one end, the washer and dryer on the other. There is a multi-layer, movable shelf against the wall. It has various things on it. Detergent, fabric softener, stain remover, bleach, rags, and other laundry items.  On the floor, in front of the washer, is a pile of dirty clothes.  Ashley throws the clothes in, pours some soap in, and starts the machine up.  As she waits for the washing machine, she does some of her homework.

She takes the clothes out of the drier and puts them in the basket and takes it upstairs. She begins folding the clothes neatly. She folds all her clothes, then Kelly’s. She can’t help but be memorized by some of her babyish clothes and starts to daydream a little about being a two year old again. She snaps out of it and puts Kelly’s clothes away, then Mom’s. By this time, her diaper is soaking wet. She sighs and goes into her bedroom. She’s got all the necessities laid out on her bed. She pulls off her jeans and climbs on her bed. Sitting down, Ashley unfolds the new diaper and sits on it. She undoes the tapes on her soaked diaper and pulls it off and rolls it up. Wipes do their duty by cleaning her skin. She can’t help but giggle a bit as the cold, moist wipe tingles a little. Next comes the powder that gets applied thoroughly. Ashley lays on her back and pulls the diaper up between her legs. After taping it, she stares up at the ceiling for a few minutes. Her mind wanders, daydreaming about being a two year old again. Her thumb goes into her mouth and she almost falls asleep when she realizes she’s got homework to finish.  She thinks to herself. “I gotta cover my math book!” She puts on her jeans and walks down to the living room. She gets some paper grocery bags from under the sink. She gets her math book and goes back up to her room. She turns on the radio to her favorite radio station, 94.1 WJJO. It’s a rock/alternative station located in Madison, WI, a large city about 30 miles from her home. She measures her math book and begins cutting up the paper bag to make it fit. She finishes and takes it back down to her book bag, determined not to forget a book like she has in recent years.

It’s now seven o’clock. Billy usually calls after his dinner. Ashley walks out of her room and hears Kelly talking. She walks up to Kelly’s door and knocks on it. Kelly’s laying on her belly on her bed.

“You going to be on for long?” Ashley asks through the doorway.

“Hold on,” Kelly says as she covers the mouthpiece of the phone. She looks at Ashley. “I don’t know, why?”

“Billy is supposed to call me tonight.” Ashley says.

“Can’t you talk to him later?”

“Kelly, come on. You talk on the phone more than I do!” Kelly sighs in defeat, rolling her eyes. She pulls her hand back from the phone. “Sorry Danielle, my sister wants to use the phone. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, okay? M’kay. Bye,” Kelly says. She presses the talk button to hang up the cordless phone and hands it to Ashley.

“Thanks sis,” Ashley says. She walks out of the room and goes into her room and closes the door. She plops down on her bed as the phone begins ringing. She answers it.


“Hey baby-girl,” Billy says.

“Hey. How’s it goin’?” Ashley asks.

“I’m doin’ all right. Just got done with dinner.”

‘What did you have?”

“Pork chops and potatoes. Really good.”

“We had some soup and toasted bread.” Ashley says. The conversation goes on about usual things couples talk about for a few minutes, then it shifts to go into a more heated, romantic conversation. All during this time, Kelly is sneaking around, listening by Ashley’s door. Ashley can sense that Kelly is there when she hears her sneeze. She doesn’t say anything about it but will get her revenge later.  Just as things are getting good, Ashley hears the call waiting beep.

“Oh! Hold on a sec, I got another call,” she says while clicking the flash button. “Hello?”

“Hi kiddo!”

“Brian!” she says in a very excited voice. “I’m on the other line, let me get rid of ‘em.” She presses the flash key again. “Sorry, my brother’s on the phone and I haven’t talked to him in forever, “she says to Billy.

“Oh, all right. I’ll see you tomorrow then. Love ya baby-girl,” he says.

“Love you too. Ni Ni,” she says. She presses flash again. “Okay I’m back. How are you? How’s school?” Ashley asks her brother.

“I’m fine. School is going good. My new classes are great and I’m doing this internship this year. I’m going to be an assistant teacher in a first grade classroom,” he says proudly.

“That’s awesome. I know you’re gonna be a great teacher. You taught me a lot when you were here,” she says. She pauses for a while. “I miss you. We all miss you. When you gonna come visit?”  Brian sighs.

“Probably not until Thanksgiving, kiddo. But I promise I’ll be here and we’ll catch up on lost time,” he says.

“I can’t wait. Kelly misses you too she’s always asking about you and stuff.”

“Aww. How’s the lil’ stinker doing?”

“She’s fine. She’s been getting on my nerves lately but otherwise she’s fine.”

“Well she’s your little sister. You know she’s only being a pain because she looks up to you. I know Ash, you’re jealous cause she gets babied more than you, right?”

“No. I’m…I’m not jealous,” Ashley lies.

“C’mon Ashley. I know you better than that.”

“Okay, okay maybe I’m a little jealous. I mean I see Mom treating her like she’s a little toddler…like…like she used to treat me,” she sighs. “I like being a teen and all but sometimes I just. I just want to…you know,” she says, almost in tears.

“I know Ashley. You know that gives me an idea. This boy you like. He knows about your diapers and such?”

“Yeah, he does. He’s very nice about it. Even calls me his ‘baby-girl’.” Brian chuckles a bit.

“That’s great. Why don’t you see if he’ll baby you sometimes? That is if you’re that close.” Ashley thinks about that for a moment.

“Yeah, maybe…”

“Ash, if he loves you, he’ll do anything to make you happy.”

“I know. I just don’t wanna freak him out. I’ll take it slow,” she says.

“Good idea.”

“How bout you? You got a girlfriend yet?”  Ashley teases.

“Actually, well, yes. I met her this summer when I was working at my summer job. She’s great Ashley. I don’t want to speak to soon but I think she’s the one. I’m going to bring her with me this Thanksgiving.”

“Are you sure you wanna do that? I mean our family isn’t normal. She’d have to find out about me and Kelly wearing diapers and stuff.” Ashley worries.

“Don’t worry about it. She comes from an interesting family herself. I won’t go into detail but trust me, she’s very open-minded. If it makes it easier I can tell her about it before she comes here so she’s prepared. She’s nice as pie, trust me, she won’t think anything of it.” Ashley sighs in relief.

“That’s cool. Well, I should get going. Don’t wanna rack up your long distance. I’ll tell Mom and Kelly you said hi.”

“Thanks Ash. I’ll call this weekend so I can talk more with Mom and Kelly. I just wanted to let you know I’m alive and well. You behave yourself now,” he jokes. Ashley giggles.

“I will. I’m always good. It’s Kelly we have to worry about. She’s a little trouble maker!” Ashley says real loud, knowing her sister is still listening by the door. Brian just laughs.

“Goodnight Ash. Talk to you later.” Ashley says goodnight and hangs up the phone. Kelly dashes away from the door and goes into her room and starts playing with her toys to make it look like she was in there the whole time. She realizes her diaper is wet and gets up, goes downstairs, and finds Mom. She finds her sitting in front of the computer, typing an e-mail.

“Mommy, I need changing,” Kelly says sweetly. Mom takes off her reading glasses.

“Okay, honey.” Mom gets up and lifts Kelly into her arms and takes her up to her room. She begins changing Kelly’s diaper when Ashley knocks on the door.



“Kelly was listening outside of my room when I was talkin’ to Billy. Oh and Brian called just to say ‘hi’ and that he’ll call back this weekend.” Ashley explains. Mom turns and looks back at Kelly.

“Is this true? Were you spying on your sister again?”

“I don’t know,” Kelly says, trying to look innocent.

“Kelly Anne Roberts, you know better than to eves drop on people. It’s not very nice,” Mom says sternly. Kelly gets a sad face and looks up at Mom and goes into her innocent babyish voice.

“I’m sowwy, Mommy.”

“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to Ashley.”  Kelly looks at her sister.

“I sowwy Ashey,” Kelly says, still looking sad.

“Aww, it’s okay. I forgive you Kelly Belly, just don’t do it again,” Ashley says. Kelly giggles a little. ‘Kelly Belly’ is a nickname Ashley has been using since she was in Jr. High School.  Mom finishes changing Kelly and pats the side of Kelly’s diaper. Kelly sits up and gives her mother a hug. Ashley’s smile fades as she wishes her mom would still change her like that.

“Okay it’s time for my baby to get some sleep. Bedtime sweetie.” Mom says. She helps Kelly into her footed sleeper. “Go brush your teeth and I’ll be in to tuck you in.

“Aww, do I have to? I not tired mommy,” Kelly pleads.

“Yes, you are. I can see it in your eyes. If you go brush your teeth like a good girl I’ll read you a special story,” she says. Kelly smiles and runs into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Ashley just watches the whole display and again feels a bit jealous. She waits for Kelly to go in the bathroom and then looks at Mom and says “can I have a bedtime stowwy too, Mommy?”   Mom looks at her with a funny look on her face.

“Well, I suppose. I’ll be in to tuck you in, in an hour,” she says. Ashley smiles and runs to her room. She listens to the radio and reads a book until its bedtime. She begins getting ready for bed, taking off her clothes down to her bra and wet diaper. She changes into a thick Snuggies Overnight and throws on her tank top. She goes and brushes her teeth and goes back into her room. Mom is there waiting for her.

“All ready for bed sweetie?”  Ashley nods and climbs into bed. Mom tucks the covers over her and kisses her forehead. She reads a short little story to her, just like she used to when she was younger. Ashley enjoys every second of it.

“Goodnight Ashley. I love you.” Mom says.

“Night Mommy. Love you too,” Ashley says. Mom turns off the light and leaves the room. Ashley snuggles up to her teddy bear and pulls out a pacifier from under her pillow and sucks on it. She lays there, all content and warm, thinking about how she wishes someone would take care of her, like a baby. Ashley was so used to being babied by her Mom and is afraid of growing up.  She thinks about what she told Brian. She likes being a teenager and doing what teens do, but deep down inside, she’s afraid and just wishes she could be a baby again. Not all the time, but more than just these moments alone where she sucks her pacifier. She continues to think about all of this and starts to think about what Brian said.  “Maybe Billy could be my ‘daddy”,” she thinks. Her mind begins to imagine what it would be like. She drifts off into a deep sleep and beings having a dream.


Ashley is standing in a dark void, but she is well lit. She’d be naked if it     weren’t for the diaper around her hips. A voice calls out.

“Ashley?” It’s Billy. Ashley turns around, shocked to see Billy. She tried   to cover most of her body.

“Aww, what’s the matter ba-be? I see you in diapers all the time.” Billy      says while stepping closer to her. “I think it’s very cute.” Ashley is amazed. She’s       never heard him say this before.

“You do?”

“Of course,” Billy says with a smile. Ashley hugs Billy and he pats her                   bottom.

“You’re my special little girl,” Billy says lovingly. Ashley smiles with         twinkles in her eyes…


Ashley is laying on her side, her legs curled up, snuggling her teddy and sucking her pacifier, all content like a baby and still in a deep sleep.

Morning comes and the door opens. Mom pops her head in.

“Ashley! Time to get up,” Mom says. Ashley moans.

“…was having the best dream…” she mumbles, noticing her pacifier is still in her moth. She quickly removes it and puts it back under her pillow.

“I don’t want to have to ask you twice. Let’s go, breakfast is waiting.” Mom leaves the room, shutting the door behind her. Ashley sits up, trying to remember the dream she just had. The images aren’t there, but the emotional warmth is. She looks down at her diaper which is beginning to leak. She quickly gets up and notices the wet spots on her bed sheets. “Nuts!” she exclaims.  She goes into the bathroom, gets a towel, and gets part of it wet. She takes it into her room and tries to clean her sheets. “Good enough,” she thinks. Mom yells from the kitchen, “Are you up, Ashley?”

“Yeah Mom, I’m up!” Ashley shouts back. She walks back into the bathroom and shuts the door. She throws the towel in the hamper and un-tapes her saggy diaper and tosses it in the garbage. She hops in the shower and washes her body and her hair. The teenager in her begins to come back as she takes forever in the shower and starts obsessing over her hair. She gets out of the shower, dries off, and begins diapering herself. She puts on forest green t-shirt and black jeans. She then stands in front of the mirror, blow-dries her hair, and tries to make it look all nice. It gives her some trouble, so she decides to put it into a ponytail.  Mom again calls from downstairs.

“I’m almost done Mom!” Ashley is about to go downstairs when she realizes she promised Julie some diapers. She goes to her room and lays out three of them on her bed and hides them inside her backpack. She goes downstairs carrying her backpack and sets it down on the counter. She sits down at the table and grabs some Lucky Charms and starts eating. Just then Kelly enters the kitchen and sits down. Her hair is done up in pig tails and she’s wearing a pink t-shirt and jeans with pink hearts on the back pockets.

“Hey, you’re eating my cereal!” Kelly says to her sister.

“What? I can’t have any?”  Ashley says innocently. Kelly huffs and pouts.

“You didn’t ask.” Ashley sighs.

“All right, I’ll ask next time, I’m sorry.” Ashley says. Kelly gets a bowl and eats some cereal. Ashley finishes her breakfast and puts her dishes in the sink. She grabs her backpack and kisses Mom goodbye.

“Have a good day sweetie,” Mom says.

“Thanks, bye Mom!” Ashley says. She runs off into the distance.  She gets on the bus and finds Julie sitting near the front. She’s wearing a dark crew neck rib knit sweater and relaxed-fit jeans. Ashley sits next to her.

“Hey!” Julie says.

“Hey, I got ‘em for ya,” Ashley whispers.  Julie gets a little excited. She pulls out her bag and opens it. Ashley peeks out of the corner of her eye to make sure no one is watching. When the coast is clear, she hands the diapers to Julie who quickly shoves them into her back pack. The bus driver sees something from the corner of his eye in the mirror and turns around.

“You aren’t eating food, are you?” he asks.

“No, we’re not.” Ashley says.

“If you do plan on eating, just make sure to throw away your trash.”

“Sure thing,” Ashley says. She sighs in relief, glad that he didn’t notice what they were doing.

“We’re not eating, we’re just swappin’ diapers. Nothing big,” Julie whispers. They both giggle. The bus arrives at school and everyone gets out. Julie and Ashley agree to meet at the cafeteria at lunch time. Ashley manages to get to her English class on time and Mr. Donner greets everyone in his usual happy fashion.

“Today, your assignment is really simple. You are to get into groups of two and interview them. Ask them what their hobbies are, if they have any siblings, you know.” Mr. Donner explains. Everyone begins to pair up. Ashley isn’t sure who she’s going to pair up with. The boy who was eyeing her up the day before notices she isn’t with anyone. He begins to move towards her when Tia approaches her.

“You want to get together?” Tia asks.

“Sure,” Ashley replies. The stud curses at himself for not acting faster. A finger taps him on the shoulder. He looks to see who it is. It’s a geeky looking kid; the type whose pastimes include playing chess on the weekends and going to Star Trek conventions.

“Do you…have anyone to work with? Because… I don’t,” the geek says. The stuck up jock is even madder for not moving faster. He shrugs and agrees to work with the geek, hoping no one notices.

Tia and Ashley slide their desks together. They take out paper and write down their names, date, and period number.

“So, what’s your name?” Tia asks.

“Ashley Roberts. What’s yours?”

“Tia Morici.” As they answer each other’s questions, they write them down.

“How old are you” Tia asks.

“Fourteen, you?”

“I’m fourteen too.”

“What do you do for fun?” Ashley asks.

“I listen to music. Mostly country. And, um, talk with my girls, read, chill.”

“That’s cool. I like roller blading, going to the mall with friends, spending time with Billy..” Ashley begins to explain as Tia interrupts.

“He your boyfriend?”

“I guess you could say that,” Ashley says shyly.  Tia laughs a little and writes that down.

“I like a lot of music. Rock/alternative, classical, and jazz. I used to play the piano. I still do, just not as much anymore.” Ashley explains. The time goes by and the girls get to know each other better. They really enjoy each other’s company. During that time, Ashley feels some gas move around in her belly. She knows she’s going to have to poop. She gets up and goes to Mr. Donner.

“Mister Donner, may I please go to the restroom?” Ashley asks politely. Mr. Donner checks the clock on the wall.

“Class ends in six minutes. Can you wait until then?”

“It’s an emergency,” Ashley claims.

“Hmm, is it a big emergency?” he asks. Ashley is now hopping from side to side.

“Yes, it is!” Ashley says in desperation. Mr. Donner thinks for a second.

“I guess I can let you go this time.” He quickly fills out a hall pass and hands it to her. Ashley smiles and hands in her assignment. “Thank you Mister Donner,” she says. He nods his head. Ashley takes her bag and walks out of the room. Students are near the doorway, waiting for the bell to ring. One guy notices Ashley leaving.

“How come she gets to leave early?” The kid asks.

“It was an emergency,” Mr. Donner says.

“Oh, uh, I got an emergency too. I’ll just go,” the kid says as he opens the door and slowly walks out.

“Nice try Mister William. Stay inside, please,” he says with a smile. The kid comes back in, smiling and chuckling.

With all of what’s left in her sphincter muscle, Ashley tries to hold it back until she can get to the bathroom. She walks down the hallway and the bell rings. The noise of the people walking and talking in the halls covers the farting sounds emitting from Ashley’s behind. She stands still for a while and pushes a small load of poop into her diaper. The mess is small, but very loose. Ashley sighs, not looking forward to changing her poopy diaper. She enters the girl’s bathroom and checks to see if anyone’s around. No one’s there so she goes into the handicap stall and lays down on the floor. She undoes her jeans and pulls them down to her ankles. She takes out a spare diaper from her backpack and puts it underneath herself. She un-tapes the dirty diaper and raises her pelvis into the hair. She cleans herself as quickly as she can and throws the used wipes in the dirty diaper and rolls it up. She then sprinkles some powder on the new diaper and tapes it up snugly. She pulls up her pants and out of nowhere the Pull-Ups jingle pops into her head. “I’m a big baby now,” she giggles to herself. She stands up and grabs her bag and throws the used diaper in the trash. The warning bell rings. Ashley gets a bit worried, but thinks she’ll make it to her Math class on time. The hallway is full of people, making it harder for her to get through. People walking side by side don’t help the situation. She tries to go around, but isn’t able to because there’s a huge group near one locker. She walks up to the group.

“Excuse me,” she says in a quiet voice. A guy from the group glares at her and moves about an inch to let her pass. Ashley manages to squeeze by. The final bell rings. Magically, the hallway is now almost completely empty. Ashley runs to Miss Sather’s room.

“Miss Roberts, you’re late.” Mrs. Sather scalds.

“Sorry, Miss Sather. I had to go to the bathroom and there were all these kids blocking my way in the hall,” she says, slightly out of breath.

“I’ll give you a warning this time, but next time you’re not in your seat when the bell rings, you’ll get a detention,” she says firmly.

“Yes, Miss Sather,” Ashley says. She plops down in her seat. Time zooms by and it’s now lunch time. Ashley sits down at the same table as before. She peals an orange and begins eating the pieces. Julie sits down across from her. She had bought a slice of pizza from the cafeteria and sets her tray down. Ashley greets her.

“Hey buddy. See anyone wearing diapers?” Julie asks. Ashley shakes her head.

“No, did you?”


Billy walks up. “Hey girls.”

“Hey, hey,” Julie says. Ashley smiles at him.

“Hi Billy!” Billy puts his arms around Ashley and keeps his hand on her hip. They kiss. “How’s everything?” Billy asks.

“I’m doing good.” Ashley says.

“Cool. Hey, you girls want to go to a party this Saturday?” Billy asks.

“What kind of party is it?” Ashley questions.

“A going back to school party. My friend Zac was going to have it last Saturday, but he got caught up with something or whatever. So he couldn’t have it until the next weekend,” Billy says.

“I’ll go,” Ashley says. Billy smiles at her.

“What about you, Julie? You wanna’ come along?” Billy asks.

“Why not? I mean, it just wouldn’t be a party without me,.” Julie jokes. Ashley and Billy both laugh. “Great. We can all go together. We can meet at my house,” Billy says.

“Sounds good,” Julie says.

“Should I dress up? Is this like a fancy party?” Ashley says, not knowing what to expect. She’s never really been to a party before. Billy laughs and hugs her.

“No, Silly, we aren’t going to the prom or anything. Just wear whatever. You look great in whatever you wear,” he says. Ashley smiles and kisses him.


EDITORS NOTE: Sorry for anyone who manages to enjoy this, this is the VERY LAST of Ashley’s Diaper Adventures. If you really want to see me, youre welcome to write it, but it most likely will NOT be posted here, unless you manage to impress SD. If anyone does write more, feel free to comment,and post a link there! – Zorath